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Clarity is paramount.

I make engaging websites with WordPress and the Divi theme.

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Your audience first

Your message has to be pristine.
Because the gist of your site is not the message.

It’s your audience.
It’s what you want people to do on your site.

Engaging power

A website is an opportunity to engage your audience in unparalleled ways.

This is my goal right there: for your website to engage people.
To that end, clarity is my solution and technologies my means.

Clarity harnesses the power of websites.

Then it delivers.

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Need a WordPress Divi Expert?

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Creating, coding and optimizing your website.

Themes, in depth

I have chosen Divi because it covers so much, so well.

But my practice of WordPress has extended well over its boundaries, in customizing other themes or writing one from scratch.

Divi helps me deliver to you but does not limit the result in any way.

Plugins, mastered

Your needs will go beyond aesthetics.

WordPress has a wealth of classical plugins that I will configure for you.

For specific needs, I can program a tailor-made plugin. Note however that, depending on its scope, it may or may not be managed under the website project itself.

Installation? Done.

Okay, okay: I got carried away!

Still, know there’s always something to configure. Outside WordPress even.

I do the wiring and tuning.

Your task is to enjoy the result.

Enough about me…


Let’s move on to your project!

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